Sojourn-Personal Development Coaching

"Life life with generosity and purpose."- Doug Silsbee

Welcome to Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching website page. I am honored that you would find yourself here at a point in your life when something is asking to be developed within you. Perhaps this is arising as a query or question that keeps pressing itself into your awareness.

"What else is there?"

"How might I be more of who I truly am in my world?"

I hope that what you find in the paragraphs and pages ahead is an offer of possibility and potential. Perhaps you will sense that more is available for you, within your current experience of living, than you previously thought was possible. Perhaps you will sense that indeed, you are on the right path after all.  Whatever the outcome of you having engaged in reading the descriptions of what Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching might offer you, I express my gratitude for your time here and with me. 

Let's begin with the possible outcomes from engagement in personal/leadership development coaching. Personal/leadership developmental coaching can be a supportive and effective tool for making meaningful, observable and lasting changes in the way you think about yourself and the way that you engage with other people.  Developmental coaching is designed to support a client's capacity to be: self-observing and self-aware of negative habitual patterns and narratives that no longer provide you support and satisfaction; self-generative and self authoring of personal and professional choices that you desire to make for yourself; able to re-organize your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and somatic state of being when you are triggered by a life event; able to increase your capacity to both identify and cultivate specific patterns of engagement that you wish to increase or build embodied practices around. These are but a few of the myriad ways development coaching cultivates a deeper engagement with life.

By definition, Development Coaching is a collaborative-based relationship that looks to support your successful personal development in a chosen area.  Development Coaching is for individuals who want to cultivate their capacity to grow, to deepen in their engagement with life, and for those who seek enhanced self-awareness, communication, resiliency, accountability, and personal or professional development.  

During Sojourn- Personal Development  Coaching sessions, client and coach work closely together to identify clear commitments that you are ready to make for yourself. A commitment is an organizing principle around which all action arises. Commitments (declarations, goals, areas of focus) generate action. Action supports you in moving forward and towards specific outcomes that you desire for yourself. Action supports your development of new habit patterns and narratives, which become daily lived practices over time.

Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching is developmental coaching rather than performance-based coaching.  Developmental coaching supports you in making the changes you envision are possible for yourself from the inside out.  Commitments, outcomes, and specific action steps support your inner and outer self-authorship development, your resilience, and your capacity to move forward towards the results that you care about.

Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching follows the Presence-Based®Coaching Model. While informed by multiple coaching teachers and theories in adult developmental theory, I am a Presence-Based® Coach.

Presence-Based® Coaching is authored by Doug Silsbee, a thought leader in the field of presence-based leadership development, coaching and resilience.


Mary E. Harwood, MEd, PBC, PCC

Mary E. Harwood, MEd, PBC, PCC