About Me

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About Me

I am a woman of deep faith. I believe in abundance, in the potential for health and healing, and that we are each born with perfection at our very core.

I am a certified Presence-Based®Coach, a PCC level credentialed coach by the International Coaching Federation, a certified Registered Polarity Therapist, and a seasoned Quaker educator.  I would describe myself as a peacemaker, honest, clear, grounded, and filled with an unshakable faith that the divine exists within each of us. 

My life experiences have led me down the path of Buddhist philosophy and Quaker Practice. I believe in simplicity, stewardship, the power of silence, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. I support diversity of faith, of politics, of gender/sexual equality, and all the ways one might see the world and her people. I seek truth, even when times are uncertain, and I wait in silence for wisdom to make her presence known.

Holding a Masters Degree in Education and extensive understanding of children with academic and social challenges, I have blended my skills as an educator, a Polarity Therapist, and my training in Presence-Based Coaching®. My private practice, Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching, offers individual coaching sessions for adults (college age and older) on a variety of personal development issues.  I offer Mentor Coaching for ACC renewal and certification through ICF, I offer supervision for Mentor Coaching and coaching skill development.

I am accredited through the International Coaching Federation as a PCC Coach, and I am listed in the Mentor Coaching Registry. Additional training as a Hospice Volunteer with UNC Hospice enables me to offer respite and bereavement care for families during end of life transitions.

My coaching style is rooted in the teachings of Doug Silsbee, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, adult developmental theory and teachings, Dr. Randolph Stone, Buddhist philosophy, and Quaker faith and practice. I have an eclectic style and approach that includes: somatic coaching and somatic awareness, self-reflection, transparency, energy work, meditation, and embodied movement practices.

My coaching practice and training adheres to the credentialing process and strict Code of Core Competencies with the International Coaching Federation, ICF Accredited Presence-Based Coaching® I, II, Mentor Coaching, and Advanced training with Living in Presence-Based Coaching® (LIPCC). I am a life-long learner, a gardener, a lover of nature, and a happy grandparent.

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