Appointments are at my home office. Typically folks like to meet face to face, however phone or Zoom/Face Time sessions are an option we can explore together. During our sessions, I encourage my clients to have a specific notebook for coaching notes.  This notebook can contain special notes, action steps, and other pertinent information that is important to your coaching goals and progress.


My home office is located south of Hillsborough, North Carolina roughly 9 miles off of I-40 or I-85. I live on a small farm with many animals.  We can choose to sit inside, out on a deck, or down at our pond. The length of each coaching session is 60 minutes.  For map quest purposes, please send me an email and I will give you my office address.


After our coaching session is complete, I will type up session notes specific to your stated commitments, desired outcomes, the action steps you are choosing to take between sessions, and any other considerations we discussed together. These notes are for our collaboration and reference throughout our coaching relationship. If you would like access to these notes, we can share them through Google Docs.

If you request additional checking in, or you prefer texting over email in between sessions, we will negotiate how this might work.  I am committed to supporting you as you navigate your way towards the desired outcomes you have established in our coaching relationship.


For more information inquiry about setting up an appointment, please contact me at: