Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching supports self-generating development of: self-awareness, resiliency, authenticity, inner strength, integrity, and a commitment towards making meaningful change in your life. 

Commitments and outcomes are at the heart of a coaching relationship. You will examine your commitment to the changes you are wanting to make. You will identify specific, observable and measurable outcomes that you are wanting to experience as a direct result of your commitments.

Actions and practices help you strengthen new patterns of engagement that you desire for yourself. You will learn about the circumstances in which negative and limiting habit patterns show up. You will increase your sensitivity to these negative habit patterns and work to replace them with new ways of seeing yourself and being in the world.

All Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching conversations are strictly confidential. I adhere to the strict Code of Ethics as established by the International Coaching Federation. I incorporate the Core Competencies into my coaching models at all times.

Our Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching conversations are not considered therapy, although they can be therapeutic. I do not assume a position of being a consultant, nor am I assuming the role of expert who prescribes outcomes for your life.

I follow the Presence-Based Coaching® model. I actively pursue extended trainings in the field of adult developmental theory and leadership development coaching.