How Does This Work

How Does This Work?

If you have an interest in learning more about how Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching might serve you, simply send me an email.  

Tell me a bit about what you are looking for, and I'll get back to you within a few hours. We will talk briefly on the phone or via email. It's a very easy and friendly conversation where we ask each other questions and basically see if we would like to work together.  If you wish to pursue coaching with me, I will follow up and send you an Intake Form.

Following our onversation and the return of your Intake Form, we will schedule our first paid session. During this first coaching session, I will already have prepared a rough draft of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) just for you . This is designed to capture the essence of what you are wanting to work on, what you are desiring to cultivate in your life, and what steps you have determined you are willing to experiment with or practice in the sessions ahead. The IDP is a road map- it helps us see where you are going and why.  It serves as an organizing principle for the work you are wanting to do in your coaching. We will focus on a particular topic you bring to any session, always weaving commitments and outcomes together from previous sessions. Forward movement is an essential part of the coaching process. 

Sojourn- Personal Development Coaching invites you to a new way of seeing your place in the world. Commitment to coaching is typically anywhere from three to six months. You may contract for a specific number of sessions and pay in advance or pay per service.

My hourly fee is 120$, payable in cash, Venmo, or by sending me a check. You are responsible for all fees, including cancellation of sessions that do not meet my 24 hour prior notice request.